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1. What is FMS?

FMS is a Fleet Management System which helps you to observe the location of cars in real time, plan routes, create reports (route sheets, route lists, fuellings etc), coordinate transport and, last but not least, optimize your routes by reducing mileage and driving time.

2. What are the key benefits of FMS?

The key benefits of FMS, along with increase in work efficiency, are saving time and money through cost reduction due to route planning, monitoring and report generation.

The route planning allows to spend less time driving and to reduce the kilometres travelled. This makes your drivers capable of servicing more customers or equipment or carrying out more deliveries. Along with that, knowing that their vehicle is equipped with FMS automatically makes them drive more carefully which allows you to save on vehicle repairs, tire wear, oil changes etc.

Vehicle use reports help you to determine the optimum number of vehicles for your company. Information on vehicle use like mileage, hours of use and standing time helps to understand to what extent your company fleet is employed. This allows you to make decisions about buying an additional car or selling off one.

3. How can I see all this?

You can connect to our server from anywhere in the world using a computer with internet access. This allows you to see all current information, from your vehicles’ location and ignition status to driving speed and to detailed in-depth reports on each vehicle and each vehicle group.

4. Can you see the system from the inside of the vehicle? Can it be seen from the driver’s seat?

The system is installed so that is not visible and does not interfere with the daily operation of the vehicle.

5. What reports will be available?

Skybrake FMS offers the following reports::

  • Vehicle location, speed and direction: on map
  • Vehicle movement history: map and table with detailed and exact addresses of arrival, standing and departure
  • Separately: route, stops and overnight parking places
  • State Revenue Service report
  • Route sheets
  • Vehicle use report
  • Fuel report with fuel receipt attachment option
  • Events report
  • Warnings report
  • Other reports

6. Where will the vehicle be equipped with FMS?

The equipping of your vehicle with Skybrake FMS fleet management system can be carried out either at Autonams’ Service Centre at 9a Skanstes, Riga or anywhere within the territory of Latvia using a special mobile equipping station.


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