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Degvielas kontrole

Fuel control

Autonams GPS offers fuel level and consumption control. Installation of Autonams GPS equipment with fuel control ensures continuous information on fuel consumption, fuelling and siphoning locations, time etc.

Maršrutu plānošana

Route planning

Using the Autonams GPS route planning tool helps you to design routes and control their execution. Thanks to the precise address directory routes can be planned within the whole territory of the Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.



Using exact data processing algorithms, Autonams GPS ensures regular generation of the reports

On-line atrašanās

Location on-line

Location on-line shows the actual location of your vehicles and whether or not their engine is running. If the vehicle is moving, Autonams GPS shows their speed, direction, daily mileage (in km) and other relevant information.



System users have constant access to on-line support, the latest user manuals and instructions along with information on the latest additions and improvements to the system.