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Skybrake DD 4Bikes

Skybrake DD 4Bikes

Skybrake DD 4Bikes is a renewed version of last generation of Skybrake motorbike, moped, tricycle and quad bike immobilizers. Skybrake DD2+ is offered with one or two engine disable modules and with or without motion sensor.
+ Comfortable for everyday use: to use a car equipped with this immobilizer, no additional operations are required from the driver
+ Ensures protection even if your vehicle keys are stolen
+ “Invisible” system: due to the system’s extra-small size it is impossible to find it when installed on car
+ Safe protection against electronic hacking ensured by a data encryption system that was specially developed for this product

Patrolline signalizācija

Patrolline alarm

Patrolline motorbike alarm is a high-class security system. The alarm has a PIN code bypass, internal battery and waterproof housing.
+ Operation via separate remote
+ Built-in shock and level change sensors

Mototransporta marķēšana

Motorbike and quad marking

Autonams motorbike marking is a powerful vehicle identification and protection system that facilitates the finding of stolen motorbikes or their parts.
+ Etching of side view mirrors
+ Marking of vehicle lamps
+ Seat marking visible under UV light
+ Vehicle marked warning stickers
Price: 35 LVL / 49.80 EUR

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