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Vehicle immobilizers

Advantages of Skybrake DD immobilizers
+ Comfortable for everyday use – no additional operations are required from the driver when using a car equipped with this immobilizer
+ Ensures protection even if your vehicle keys are stolen
+ “Invisible” system – due to the system’s extra-small size it is impossible to find it when installed on car
+ Safe protection against electronic hacking ensured by a data encryption system that was specially developed for this product
+ Non-stop system operation – audio warnings in the vehicle’s passenger compartment inform you that the battery needs to be replaced


Skybrake DD2 sērija

Skybrake DD2

Skybrake DD2+ is a renewed version of last generation of Skybrake car immobilizers. Skybrake DD2+ is offered with one or two engine disable modules and with or without motion sensor

Skybrake Touch

Skybrake Touch

Skybrake Touch is a powerful vehicle security device designed specially for tractor machines which protects the vehicle even if the keys are stolen. Skybrake Touch disables the vehicle engine if before the engine start the PIN code has not been entered via keyboard.

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