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Radio meklēšanas sistēma

Radio tracking system

TrackGuard helps to find a stolen vehicle regardless of whether its keys are in possession of the thieves or not. The device has its own battery, which makes it independent from the vehicle’s power supply. The TrackGuard device is inactive when installed on your object and is activated remotely at the start of the tracking operation. There are no external signs of transmitter installation.
+ Operating range covers the entire Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Nordic countries
+ High vehicle recovery rate (80-85%)
+ The signal cannot be blocked as it utilizes a closed radio frequency band
+ Search accuracy and ability to receive the radio signal through metal/concrete coverings
+ While the search is performed both from airplanes and by mobile land units, no visual contact with the object is needed

GSM/GPS meklēšanas sistēma

GSM/GPS search system

The search system is based on the Skybrake Fleet Management System. You can access the system’s on-line server from anywhere in the world, provided you have a computer with internet access. This constantly keeps you informed about the location of your vehicle. In case of vehicle theft, you can see its location and pass the co-ordinates to the police to get it back.
+ Server access from any place in the world
+ Information about your vehicle’s location accessible 24/7.

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