Car security

Skybrake S40 CAN

Country of origin:
  • Alarm control from the original car remote
  • Connecting additional sensors ensures additional car protection against thieves
  • Control through the original car CAN line

Price: EUR 300.00 (includes installation and VAT)

Installation time: 4 – 5 h

Pandora VX 4G

Country of origin:

New generation car alarm and immobilizer with remote start function. It is possible to add additional modules to the system, including GPS location determination. This system is specifically designed for newer cars with more complex electronics.

  • Remote start function
  • Low power consumption
  • Built-in GPS
  • Changing the settings through the application
  • Car status information on your smartphone
  • Management with additional chips
  • An alternative to chip control - a telephone
  • Built-in sim card integration
  • Built-in shock sensor

Price from: 695.00 EUR (installation and VAT included)

Installation time: up to 1 day

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