Car security


  • The alarm can be controlled through a separate remote
  • The alarm has a built-in level change sensor
  • PIN code for deactivating the alarm in case of losing the remote control

Price: EUR 375.00 (includes installation and VAT)

Installation time: 1 day

Motorcycle marking

Motorcycle marking is an efficient method of identifying and protecting vehicles – there is a risk for thief of getting caught, makes it difficult to sell the stolen goods, and makes it easier to find the motorcycle and its parts if they have been stolen.

Full motorcycle marking includes:

  • Side mirrors
  • Lights
  • Seat marking that is only visible in UV light and does not change the visual appearance
  • Marking warning stickers
  • The data is maintained in the Autonams Marked Car Database
  • In case of a theft, the data is sent to CSDD and the Ministry of Interior IC information system “Missing Vehicles”

Price: EUR 50.00 (includes VAT)

Marking duration: 40 min

GPS function

  • An additional GPS block connected to the alarm
  • Controlled from a smartphone application
  • Receiving messages in SMS format
  • The car location is visible in real time

Price: EUR 50.00 (includes installation and VAT)

Monthly subscription price: EUR 5.00 (includes VAT)

Installation time: 2 h

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