Cookies are small text files that an internet site stores in your computer or mobile device when you visit our site. Each subsequent time you visit, the cookies are sent back to their site of origin or a third party site that recognizes the corresponding cookie. Cookies, among other things, allow a site to remember the user’s settings for the following visits, so that you do not have to define these settings every time. Cookies are not used to personally identify you.

This policy describes the use of cookies on the following site:


as well as in the SIA Autonams internet resources, indicates the purposes for using cookies, as well as the user’s rights to change and choose the use of cookies. Cookies help to improve the site and ensure a better and more personalized provision of services.

Several types of cookies are used (persistent and session cookies). They differ in purpose and duration of storage. Cookies may be updated and adapted for purposes of improving the quality of services. The following cookies are used:

Facebook cookies: the Facebook pixel tool that is installed on this site applies directly to the site visitors who also use Facebook services because these cookies allow adapting the ads and content shown on the Facebook network to the interests of the person using the device and the internet browser. To opt out of Facebook cookies or get more detailed information about them, visit:

Google Analytics cookies that are used on this site allow the operator of the site to obtain information about site usage and visits in order to analyse user habits and the possible shortcomings of the site. During your visit, your IP address and anonymous information about your actions on the site are collected – prior to sending this information to Google, your IP address is anonymized. By installing the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on tool, it is possible to opt out of these cookies; to do so, visit:

Google Adwords: Google Adwords cookies that are used on this site ensure remarketing functions that allow us to remind our visitors about the things (services or products) that aroused their interest. This means that by accepting the use of Adwords cookies, you will see ads based on your interests from our site on third party sites and the Google ads network. You can find detailed information about opting out of specific ads or all AdWords ads here:

The general purposes for using cookies are the following:

1) Technical cookies have been developed in order to ensure high-quality functionality of the site and user comfort, so that you can access your account and use the site flawlessly.

2) Functional cookies have been developed in order to make visits to the site more comfortable to the user – for example, by remembering the site language that you selected, the services or products you are interested in and other things that make the use of the site faster and more comfortable in the long term.

3) Analytical cookies have been developed so that we could gain an insight into the activities of our visitors on our site, which allows us to identify the advantages and shortcomings of the site, as well as the things that need to be changed in the site content or technical solutions.

4) Analytical cookies allow collecting information about the internet browser you use, the number of clicks on the site, the site from which you were transferred to our site, the keywords you have entered and the date and time when you entered them. The collected information is completely anonymous and is not associated with a specific person. The information is used for market research, improving the site, planning campaigns and analysing user behaviour.

5) Advertising cookies have been developed with the goal of providing personalized ads for you on our site and on other sites. Advertising or commercial cookies ensure that you receive offers on the internet that are based on your interests and your activities.

The collected data is used by our site operator and Google, which obtains anonymous data that are not linked to neither a specific person nor a specific IP address. The data security of Google Analytics is confirmed by the ISO 27001 certificate and the US and EU privacy shield regulations. To find out more, visit:

If you wish the delete cookies that are already stored on your computer or to opt out of cookies that track your behaviour on the site, you can do so by deleting the existing cookies and/or changing the browser confidentiality settings to block cookies (the process of doing this varies from browser to browser).

If you want to receive more information on how to do this, visit the site